History of Events

History of event in Europe

15th-18thSeptember 2006The Les Pennes Mirabeau Stage for 15-25year olds and the Les Pennes Mirabeau Tournament, France

Outdoor Tamburello training and tournament for 15-25 year olds
26th-28th August World Tambourelli Championship at Riverford Farm, Devon, England

The Outdoor Tambourelli World Championship tournament is held in Devon every year. The Devon Tambourelli Association is the principal host for this event. International participants play singles (men's/women's) and doubles (mixed).
24th-26thFebruary 2006National Programme for Federal Officials and Umpires at Oristano, Sardinia, Italy

The purpose of the course was aimed at getting to know the game of Tamburello, as played in schools as well as a sport involving a high level of co- ordination. To study the techniques and rules of the various versions of Tamburello, this was an ideal opportunity to explore the role of the umpire.

Participants: Teachers from primary and secondary schools of the first and second degree from different parts of Italy. Teachers and officials from constituting federations of the FIBT ( Federation Internationale de Balle au Tambourin), International members from Catalonia, England, Germany, Ireland, Scotland and Japan.

Italian Federation teachers demonstrated techniques, rules and many-stranded, multi-dimensional approaches, designed to give full value to the training and leadership characteristics applicable to the team game. We also experienced "The Sartiglia", the traditional festival in Oristano.
27th - 29th January 2006Coupe d' Europe Indoor de Jeu de Balle au Tambourin Indoor Tamburello European Cup at Meze, Montperier, France

(Men's) Catalonia, England, France, Germany, Italy and Scotland
(Women's) Catalonia, England, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, and Scotland

Winners: (Mens) France (Womens) France

The Tamburello European Cup was held in the south of France this year. The French Federation showed great hospitality.
10th-11th July 2004Machars Masters Tambourelli Tournament at Newton Stewart, Scotland, UK

Scotland, England, Germany, Italy, Spain and Japan

Scottish Tambourelli's second international tournament was held in Newton Stewart, sponsored by the Machars Healthy Living Project. There was also a circus skills workshop for local children and Taiko drummers from Glasgow entertained people in Newton Stewart. This event involved the local community and volunteers.

History of event in Japan

May 2003Tambourelli workshop in Kinokuni kodomo no mura School, Hashimoto city, Wakayama

Mr. Malcolm Heyes, Scottish Tambourelli's secretary and world champion of Tambourelli, was invited to hold a workshop in Kinokuni School where he introduced Tambourelli to students at the school.
Jun 2002Tokyo Open Tambourelli Tournament, At Yotsuya secondary school in Sinjuku, Tokyo

Miss Indy Priestman, world champion of Tambourelli organised tambourelli tournament at Yotsuya secondary school. Around 20 people participated and played hotly contented games.