Promote the playing of all varieties of sports of Tambour

Promote the playing of all varieties of sports of Tambour (Outdoor Tamburello, Indoor Tamburello, Tambourelli and Tambeach) in Japan and throughout the world. The various versions of Tambour are played with or without a net and either with a ball or a shuttlecock.

Cross-cultural exchange

Facilitate cross-cultural exchange through co-ordinating the activities of various individuals and groups (including children and young people) playing Tambour across the world. The association will also represent players of Tambour (and their organizations when required) in relation to other international organisations and bodies.

The promotion of 'healthy living'

Contribute to the promotion of 'healthy living' by organising activities and locally based training sessions for individuals and groups of all ages.

Taking an active role

Take an active role in the innovation, development and adoption of different forms of Tambour to suit the needs of a variety of players (including those with disabilities). The association will also take responsibility for the recruitment and development of skilled instructors and umpires.