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Tambeach originated in Ragusa, Sicily Italy, with the first tournament held there over 30 years ago. Tambeach gradually spread from the coast of Ragusa to the neighbouring areas of Modica, Donnalucata, Pozzallo, Scoglitti and Caucana.

In 1996, the F.I.P.T (Federazione Italiana Palla Tamburello) celebrated the centennial anniversary of tamburello, organising a tournament which included Outdoor Tamburello, Indoor Tamburello and Tambeach. It was here that Tambeach gained official acknowledgment and the rules and regulations of the game were officially established.

Following this, Tambeach spread further afield in Italy; to Sardinia and Calabria, in the south part of Italy, and then to Liguria, Emilia Romagna and Lombardy provinces, in the north of Italy. The first Tambeach tournament outside Sicily took place in Bergamo.

In the same year, Tambeach was introduced to Germany for the first time by Dirk Ertel. The German Tamburello Federation organised an Open Tambeach tournament in Cologne in September 1996, with players from Germany and Italy participating. Since 1996, Tambeach has continued being played all over Italy and Germany, and is gradually coming to be recognised in other European countries, and a Tambeach tournament took place in Barcelona for the first time in September 2007.

Tambeach rules

Tambeach is played on a rectangular, sand court. For singles the court is 24m X 7.5m and for doubles is 24m X 11m. The net is 2m 10cm high and bisects the court across its width. For doubles a central line bisects the court lengthways. (see diagram 1)


The game is started by serving the ball over the net into the opponent's court. The player must stand behind the baseline to serve and has a first and a second service. The serve starts with one player serving, then changes to the other person and alternates every two points after that.

In singles, you can serve anywhere within your opponents side. For doubles, the service should be hit into the quarter of the court diagonally opposite. The first service is made by a player on the left hand side of court and then the first service is always taken from the right hand side with the players in the team serving switching sides for the second Service. (see diagram 2)

player of Tambeach

You score a point when the ball lands within the court on your opponent's side of the net, your opponent's shot lands outside the court, or your opponent's shot fails to go over the net.

In the first and second game, the winner is the first to reach 12 points, and in the event of a deciding third game there is a shoot out up to 5 points with the players taking turns to serve. A match is won by winning two games.

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(2)doubles service